Two of China’s biggest search engines, and were ranked in the top 10 of the world’s most popular search sites, according to recent comScore stats.

Leading Chinese search engine Baidu, which recently moved into the Japanese market, has moved up to third, with 5.2% of worldwide searches, a total of £3.4bn search queries., also a key player in the Chinese search market, moved into the top ten for the first time with 531m searches, which equates to 0.8% of the global market.

Google and Yahoo still occupy the top two positions in the global search market, according to the comScore survey of 66.2bn searches which the measurement group says were conducted worldwide in December 2007.

Google held 64.2% of the worldwide search market, dealing with a massive 41.3bn searches, while Yahoo’s 8.5bn searches accounted for 12.8%.

Microsoft sites came in fourth with 2.9%, followed by the South Korea’s NHN Corporation with 2.4%.