The Google-DoubleClick acquisition has taken nearly a year to conclude, but the deal means that the search engine will now control an estimated 69% of the online advertising market.

The deal was opposed by Yahoo and Microsoft due to concerns about the dominance it would give Google in the online ad space, and a new survey from Attributor seems to confirm these fears.

Attributor analyzed 68 million domains for their ad-server crawls and compared it with unique user data from

It found that Google controls 35% of the ad server market, while DoubleClick has a 34% market share, giving the combined online ad firm more than 69% of the market. Yahoo is way behind on 11.5%, with MSN on 9.8%.

Other stats from the survey:

  • DoubleClick has 48% share of sites with 1m or more unique visitors per month, while Google enjoys a 71.38% share of sites with less than 100,000 unique visitors per month.
  • Attributor also looked at stats for content distribution. For every article it tracked, there were an average of 20 copies published. 57% of copies do not contain links back to the author, and 64% of copies have ads on them. Most copies are published on sites with less than 1 million unique visitors.