Over the years there have been many reports published about online advertising campaigns and many have tried to prove that running both display and search advertising campaigns together gives the best CPA.

Recently a report was conducted by iProspect named Search Engine Marketing and Display Integration Study and was featured in a MediaPost article.

The report highlights the relationship between Search and Display advertising and shows that 31% of people click on display ads and 27% will go on to perform a related search on a search engine, which is nearly the same percentage.

The study also highlighted these statistics:

  • 52% of Internet users actively respond to online display advertising with 31% clicking on the ad itself.
  • 33% of users that respond to display advertising go on to make a purchase from the company if they are already familiar with the brand.
  • 14% go on to make purchase that are not familiar with the brand / company.
  • 38% of people that respond to display advertising go on to learn more about the particular brand / company. This suggests that display advertising works well to develop brand awareness if it does not immediately generate sales.
  • 38% of people who respond to display advertisements also eventually perform a search on a search engine that is related to the ad that they have been exposed to and visit the site from the search results page.
  • 14% go on to eventually perform a search but do not visit the website.
  • Collating these figures shows that nearly half of Internet users that respond to display advertising go on to eventually perform a search related to the ad that they have seen, which strongly suggests that display advertising helps to drive search.

All these figure suggest that search and display advertising perform better together to form a more effective advertising campaign, than if search or display were used separately.

The report also shows that 20% of people that have seen a particular display advertisement will then type the websites URL into their browser and 9% investigate the company / product through social media.

The figures highlighted in this report inspired the CEO at iProspect, Robert Murray, to say, “If I don’t have a display campaign to support my paid search campaign, I’m basically giving the traffic away to my competitors.”

Robert Murray also went on to refer to paid search as “the ultimate demand capture mechanism”, suggesting that search itself cannot be expected to create demand, whilst display advertising can and search can catch those people responding to the demand.

This report strongly suggests that every successful paid search campaign should coincide with a display advertising campaign to make the most out of advertising online. This will help to expand brand awareness and create demand for products, which should hopefully result in a lower CPA.