According to the lastest report released by comScore this week, it would appear that Bing’s growth is gradually slowing down, whilst Google’s is on its way up again.

Does this mean that Microsoft’s share in the market has peaked or can it continue to grow and really pose a threat to Google?

comScore’s September report shows that Google’s share in the search engine market is now rapidly approaching the 65 percent mark, which is well over triple the amount of its nearest rival – Yahoo!

This lastest report shows that Google’s share has increased from 64.6% in August to 64.9% in September, whilst Yahoo!’s has decreased by 0.5% from 19.3% to 18.8% and Microsoft’s growth has slowed to just 0.1%, from 9.3% to 9.4%.

Since the launch of Bing in June of this year, Microsoft has managed to gain over 1% in market share, but this seems to be slowly gradually, whilst Google’s share is returning to the levels it has seen previously.

ComSore’s August report showed Google’s market share decrease by 0.1% and Microsoft’s increase by 0.4%, but Google have now gained that loss back and more on top in September, whilst Microsoft is continuing to grow but the rate of which has slowed down to just 0.1% in September, which puts another twist into the ‘Can Bing catch Google?’ debate.