Browser Media’s London office is moving…

As of today, we will no longer be found at Sheraton street and are pleased to be joining the community at the excellent Lemon Studios.

Browser Media founder, Joe Friedlein comments:

“In many ways, I feel like I am going back in time as I started my digital life at 85 Clerkenwell Road (joining, which in turn became Wheel and then LBi) many moons ago but I have always thought that Clerkenwell is a key hub in London’s digital community and it is great to be back!

We have known Lemon Studios for some time now and they offer a fantastic service and superb facilities in the heart of Clerkenwell. We look forward to working from our new London base.”

Browser Media’s office at Braxted Park (see office locations) remains our principal office and all correspondence should be addressed to Browser Media Studios.