Press release distribution is a tried and tested SEO technique and can deliver excellent results when the strategy is used correctly.

The mechanics of issuing press releases are, in principle, fairly straightforward but there is a bewildering choice of different suppliers who claim to offer the best solution.

Comparing press release distribution companies is not an exact science as each press release is different and issued on days with varying degrees of competition from other sources. We could not find an up to date review, comparing the strengths and merits of each option, so we decided to do our own mystery shop.

The review is intended to provide an overview of the services and results offered by the following UK services:

This mini review is not intended as a thorough breakdown of all press release distribution companies and services but merely a starting point for anyone not sure about which one to choose – it is based exclusively on our own recent experiences and we do not claim to have applied an exact science to the process.

We hope that you find it helpful and please feel free to circulate it if you feel it is of interest.

If you offer press release distribution services and would like to be added to the review (which we may well update and maintain as a ‘live’ document), then please contact Browser Media.

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