Can Twitter help us promote our search engine marketing survey/We have often been guilty of claiming that the hype surrounding Twitter is unjustified and that the vast majority of what you read on Twitter is complete gibberish.

Whilst we still believe that this is often the case, it is Friday and we are going to eat a massive slice of humble pie and launch our very own test on Twitter to see if it can help us to spread the word about our search engine marketing survey.

We are proud of the survey and genuinely believe that it will provide some interesting insight into how organisations are engaging with search (both paid and organic) but we need a decent number of responses to make it a valuable exercise.

In our perpetual effort to be honest and transparent in everything that we do, we admit that we are struggling to attract the level of interest in the survey that we were hoping to achieve.

We have some great responses from known brands such as Xerox, Visa, Lands End and Thorntons as well as many less known (but equally valued) brands but would like to attract more responses.

Can Twitter come to the rescue and demonstrate how effective it can be for ‘Davids’ as well as ‘Goliaths’ (we know we are not in Stephen Fry’s league)?

To test the theory and to help promote the survey, we are therefore launching a Twitter based competition.

The prize is £250 (or equivalent in the currency required) in Amazon vouchers. Whilst there is no cash equivalent, you can spend the vouchers on whatever you like.

All you need to do to enter the competition is:

  • follow us at browser_media 
  • retweet our ‘SOS – Twitter, please help us!’ tweet

It really is that easy. It could mean £250 for a few seconds of effort to help promote our survey.

The competition will run throughout May 2010 and the winner will be chosen at random on Friday 28th May. You must have retweeted our tweet and still be following us.

We will contact the winner via twitter but can send the vouchers to any email address that you choose.

This competition is running in addition to the survey prize itself, which is two Celebration Package Balloon Flights with Virgin Balloon Flights (worth £598) – a fantastic prize and a great incentive to help us paint a picture of search engine marketing in 2010 and beyond.

Please remember that the ultimate objective is to encourage more users to complete our search marketing survey – please feel free to shout as loud as you can about it.

We really do appreciate your help!