It was announced last week that the once prolific social networking site, Myspace is undergoing a major site redesign (complete with snazzy new logo).

MySpace was once the most popular social networking site in the world, that was until Facebook came on to the scene in 2004. Ever since then Facebook has dominated the social networking space and left Myspace all but dead.

MySpace as we remember it became something of a mess. The customisable backgrounds resulted in the site becoming sluggish and jumbled, not to mention ugly. And on top of that, with no one to moderate their pages, spam was rampant.

However, the ‘new’ MySpace is here and it looks much nicer.

Past users of MySpace will see some notable differences in the layout and functionality of the site, everything from the home page to profile pages will have a distinctive new feel.

MySpace have put emphasis on the main factor of the new site being the switch from a ‘social network’ to a ‘social entertainment destination’. The one time ‘Place for friends’ is now targeting the 13 – 35 year old demographic as a place to consume and share entertainment.

Music was always a major element of MySpace and it looks like it will continue to develop this feature.

Many musicians, DJ’s and promoters have stuck with the site as there really hasn’t been anything else that rivals it – many have tried and many have failed.

The current ‘social networking’ scene is fully occupied, so the progression to a full on entertainment site seems like a step in the right direction for MySpace. Let’s wait and see.

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