Social media dashboard HootSuite has reached one million registered users – a momentous milestone.

HootSuite was born in Vancouver in December 2008 and took just under 2 years to reach this mark.

The service, that allows you to manage multiple social networks and create reports has become increasingly popular with social media users worldwide – users send more than 1 million messages per day, mostly on Twitter, but also on Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Ashley Brookes of HootSuite blogged;

“We want to thank all one million of you who signed up for our beloved dashboard. It’s true, we enjoy getting your comments, gathering your feedback, seeing your tweets and even receiving the postcards and treats you’ve sent us by postal mail.”

From humble beginnings HootSuite has grown spectacularly and reached some big milestones on its journey to one million users, including;

  • Created an HTML 5 version of HootSuite to utilise the latest browser technology
  • Launched freemium plans designed for different types of users — from free to enterprise
  • Released free mobile apps for iPhone, Android, iPad and BlackBerry
  • Partnered with Twitter to be the first to syndicate Promoted Tweets
  • Certified hundreds of social media professionals who’ve graduated from HootSuite University
  • Localised HootSuite web and mobile apps for international languages starting with Japanese
  • Started a crowd-sourced translation project to create even more localisations

To illustrate its path to one million users, HootSuite have created this rather nice infographic;


Looking forward, HootSuite plans to launch a social sharing tool for publishing platforms and release an API that will allow third-party developers to create apps and tools for the dashboard.

Congratulations HootSuite – woop woop, or should that be ‘woot woot’