We recently reported the web browser usage share statistics for November 2010 based on research by Net Applications.

While in the statistics groove, we were interested to see that Econsultancy has created a very nice infographic showing search engine market shares across 10 countries around the world.

Econsultancy blogged;

“We were conducting research into search engine market shares around the world and couldn’t find a source that could give us details for more than a few countries, so we created an infographic summarising market shares around the world.”

Econsultancy collected the following data from various sources, including Comscore, Hitwise, Statcounter and several others.

So, is Google dominant worldwide?…

Courtesy of Econsultancy, here are the key findings;

  • Google is hugely dominant in Western Europe with 90%+ market share of the search sector.
  • Google is most dominant in Spain and Italy.
  • Google is least dominant the more West you go (USA) and the further East (China, Japan).
  • Comparing this data to Q4 2009:
  • Google has grown its market share in all markets other than in China.
  • Bing’s market share has grown in most markets.
  • Yahoo’s market share has fallen in most markets.
  • Other serach engines have had their market share cannibalised by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu.

Some debate going on at Econsultancy regarding the accuracy but it is an interesting view on which search engine is ruling in particular corners of the globe.