This week Google has rolled out social sitelinks  to search results, giving direct access to your friends social content online.

Google blogged, “Usually when you search for a social site like Twitter or MySpace, you’re looking for information from your friends and social network, like their tweets and profile pages”.

So with this in mind, social sitelinks display your friends recent content at the top of the results page. For example, if you search Google for ‘twitter’, it will be present you with a selection of links to friends content on Twitter. Likewise for YouTube, MySpace, YouTube and so on.

Here’s an example, courtesy of the The Official Google Blog;

social search

A social site link includes a friends name along with a profile image and the link to content on the searched site.

To see social sitelinks in action, simply try a search for ‘twitter’, ‘myspace’ or ‘youtube’.

However, the social sitelinks are based on your Google Profile, so if you won’t see social sitelinks if you haven’t got one.

If you do have a Google Profile but aren’t seeing social sitelinks, try adding links in your profile to other online social sites you belong to.

Google are stepping up their social game in the lead up to the much anticipated ‘Google Me’. Baby steps they may be, but they’re in the right direction.