Google Wave was the most hyped launch of 2009, but unfortunately failed to attract users and failed spectacularly. Google pulled the plug in August and open-sourced the code in September.

Two weeks ago Google announced that it had submitted a proposal to the Apache Software Foundation. Mission being – bring Wave back from the dead.

In Google’s proposal to Apache, the company’s goals were to migrate the codebase from code.google.com and integrate the project with the ASF infrastructure, quickly reach a state where it is possible to continue the development of the Wave In a Box implementation under the ASF project and add new committers to the project and grow the community.

The news today is that Apache has officially accepted the proposal. Google is now making few changes, as Alex North blogged;

“We’re spinning up the project infrastructure so that the community can continue to grow in the Apache way.”

He also spoke about the non-Google committers are coming to the Wave project and also welcome other contributors to join this project.

Becoming an open-source, community-driven project is the best thing that could have happened to Wave.

We look forward to watching the project evolve and will be documenting progressions along the way.