It’s been a big year for brands going viral.

Two campaigns that stand out to us straight away are the ‘Old Spice Questions’ from Old Spice and ‘A Hunter Shoots a Bear’ by Tipp-Ex – both fantastic campaigns that captured the imagination of millions. If you haven’t yet experienced the latter, we thoroughly recommend you do so, it’s brilliant.

The good people of Rubber Republic’s Viral Ad Network have gone to the trouble of creating an infographic, visualising the ‘Most Viral Brands of 2010’.

The creators commented;

One of the most interesting insights we’ve pulled out of our Viral Brand Chart infographic is the near trebling of Facebook shares in the second half of the year (in comparison with the first half), and the associated increase in *average-views-per-viral* accordingly – meaning that if now your campaign goes *viral* it’s more likely to sustain its virality for longer due to the wider extent of sharing within Facebook.”

Take a look for yourself;