Facebook recently rolled out its new, streamlined, more ‘visual’ profiles.

The new profile layout has caught the imagination of many users who have taken advantage of the new photostream feature at the top of the profile page. You may have seen some interesting examples pop up on your friends’ pages – this sort of thing;


Achieving this look is a pretty complicated procedure that requires a degree of Photoshop knowledge amd patience. Until now…

Schweppes, has spotted an opportunity and released a Facebook app that does the whole thing for you. As this video explains;

Being a curious bunch, we tried the app for ourselves, and it worked very well. It may not the traditional mug shot like the one show above but the image we used (as shown below) translated perfectly to Facebook.


This is a fantastic application that will no doubt attract a lot of attention from Facebook users and in turn, boost Schweppes’ Facebook presence considerably.

Why not try it for yourself at http://apps.facebook.com/schweppesprofileapp/ and give your Facebook profile a new look for the new year.