Social agency, Yomego has released the Social Media Reputation (SMR) Index, listing the most 50 reputable brands in social media.

You could be forgiven for thinking that this table was a representation of the ‘best’ brands, but it’s not. There’s a big difference between being social and being visible, and this table in no way reflects the best or most socially savvy brands.

The list was derived by averaging noise around a brand (‘reach’) with its popularity (‘satisfaction’). According to the company this is a “benchmark to gauge brands’ respective popularity

When you think of social brands, Ebay doesn’t immediately come to mind, but it came out on top with a reach of 92.29. As a comparison, 50th place, Visa, has a ‘reach’ of 61.71.

Not surprisingly all of the top five are tech brands, with Apple taking second place and Google holding down third position. We confess to a bit of artistic license with the superb copmany ranked no.5:


Some commentators have suggested that it is a ‘Social Hierarchy Information Table’ – it certainly isn’t without an element of controversy with brands such as ASOS coming in below VISA, but have a look and make up your own mind.