The Facebook Like button has proved to be a huge success for both Facebook and its users.

The feature has also helped brands to promote their products, services and news via the massive Facebook user-base.

After a busy few months of updates and developments, Facebook has this weekend changed the way Likes are displayed on a users’ wall.

Until now, when you Liked a link on an external site, the story appeared like this;


Very discreet and often unnoticed by other users.

But from now on, hit the Like button on a site outside of Facebook and something similar to this will be posted to your wall;


This new Like button is essentially replacing the popular ‘share’ button, as it does pretty much the same job – it includes a full story with a headline, blurb and thumbnail. You’ll also be given an option to comment on the story link.

The new Like should ultimately increase traffic to publishers’ websites due to the improved link exposure. However, some users may be put off hitting the Like button once they find out how prominent their once discreet activity now is.

Facebook Spokeswoman Malorie Lucich told Mashable that while the company will continue to support the Share button, Like is the “recommended solution moving forward.” Many would agree with this as there has been some confusion about the different advantages of each button. This should provide a better user experience all round.

What do you think? Will this effect how you like links from now on?