The growth of Facebook provides us with a constant stream of mind-blowing statistics.

2010 in particular was a massive year for the site with 640 million+ worldwide users increasing overall site usage by around 40% in the 12 month period. It even got it’s own movie.

Routine Facebook chatter out the way, let’s look at some new advertising statistics that really do hammer home the extent of Facebook’s web domination.

Information released yesterday by digital measurement company, comScore, suggests that Facebook now accounts for almost a third of all online display advertising impressions in the US.

Facebook claims to have delivered 346.4 billion ads to US users in Q1 2011, more than doubling the number it the first quarter of 2010.

comScore executive vice president, Jeff Hackett revealed some further statistics that revealed just how large the US online display ad market has become. Hackett suggested that the market is now seeing upwards of 1 trillion display ads per quarter. He also commented that the quality of ads is increasing as brands look for new and compelling ways to capture audiences.

Below is a chart taken from that indicates the top 10 US online display ad publishers in Q1 2011.

In this instance display ads comprise of static and rich media ads.

comscore display ad chart

These latest figures are further evidence (not that anyone needed it) that Facebook is continuing to grow at a phenomenal rate and is already making a serious impact on the display ad market in 2011.

With social media ad spend on the rise and Facebook’s user-base continuing to grow, expect to see nothing less from Facebook in Q2.