You don’t have to be in the marketing game to know that mobile is booming, with the past 18 months in particular showing massive growth.

This growth has forced marketers to focus more attentions to mobile search. This was highlighted in a recent report, that suggested the proportion of companies using mobile search has doubled since last year.

So, usage increase considered, it’s no surprise that click through rates from mobile have also increased. In fact, a recent blog post from Econsultancy suggests that advertisers are now seeing higher click through rates from mobile search than they are from desktop search – an average of 2.7 times higher to be precise. We can’t possibly think why…

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact paid ads are dominating pretty much the whole of the results page*.

This may seem like great news for mobile investors, but it’s not all rosy, because conversion levels are still leaving a lot to be desired.

There’s obviously a number of reasons for this, namely the fact that people still aren’t optimising their sites for mobile.

It’s hard enough navigating a web page on a mobile device, let alone trying to negotiate a fussy at the best of times checkout process. If you’ve ever attempted to buy something or fill out a form using your mobile on a non-optimised site, you’ll know how frustrating it is.

It’s astounding how many advertisers aren’t optimising their sites for mobile search. Those who aren’t could be missing a huge opportunity to capitalise on a rapidly growing market.

*Image taken on an iPhone. Android / Blackberry / Nokia users, please feel free to share experiences.