For the last 12 months the web browser market has been dominated by three browsers in particular – Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome and until now it’s been in that order.

In the grand scheme of things there is very little difference between what each of them has to offer, and to the ‘average user’ it doesn’t really matter. However, for the more web-savvy among us, it’s the little things that make a big difference.

Internet Explorer has been the market leader for some time now, with FireFox and Chrome in second and third position, respectively, but according to web metrics company, Statcounter, there’s been a shake up.


Chrome has overtaken Mozilla Firefox as Britain’s second most popular web browser, doubling its market share over the last 12 months.

Google has been marketing the product pretty hard in the UK recently and even aired it’s first TV advertisement (if you haven’t seen it, try and keep it that way – it’s horrible.) However, it seems to be working so perhaps Firefox should follow suite and try to capture the UK public with a stomach-churning ad of their own.

Internet Explorer still holds a whopping 45.51% share of the UK browser market but the data above shows user numbers have been falling by the wayside over the last 12 months – probably because users are cottoning on to how rubbish it is. With Google making so much noise it will be interesting to see who’s top of the list a year from now.