Latest statistics from comScore show that Google’s share of the U.S. search engine market has dipped for the first time since September 2009.

Despite still dominating the market, Google’s share fell slightly in August 2011 when compared to July 2011, from 65.1% to 64.8%.

In contrast, Yahoo! gained 2 percentage points in August to claim a total of 16.3% of the market share in the U.S.

Bing, which saw no change between June and July, continues to make small gains with a slight increase of 0.3%, taking it’s total share to 14.7%.

It’s still an uninspiring story for the likes of Ask and AOL, with shares of 3% and 1.3%, respectively.


August 2011 saw in excess of 17.1 billion explicit core searches conducted, with Google claiming 11.1 billion of that total. Second place went to Yahoo! with a total of 2.8 billion and Microsoft sites (Bing) followed with a modest 2.5 billion. Ask, AOL and other search engines accounted for the rest.

Total Core Search’s in the US


When it came to the total number of core search queries conducted in August, Google accounted for 64.4%, Yahoo! claimed 18.5% Microsoft 13.3%, Ask 2.6% and AOL 1.2%.

Here’s that data reflected in number of searches:


Of the 19.5 billion total core search queries in August in the U.S. Google accounted for 12.5 billion, Yahoo! 3.6 billion and Microsoft 2.6 billion.

An interesting takeaway from this data is that in August 2011 Google accounted for a total of 66.8 of organic search results (down on the 67.2% in July) and Bing accounted for 27.1 (up on the 26.8% in July).

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All data and images courtesy of comScore.