A month ago we published a blog post documenting the U.S. search engine market share data for August 2011, based on data from comScore. The information shared within that post was interesting as it showed that Google’s share of the U.S. search engine market had dipped to under 65 percent for the first time in two years.

However, a month on and it looks like normal business has been resumed, as statistics from September show that Google’s share climbed back up above the 65 percent mark.

In contrast, Yahoo’s market share fell in September after a positive two months of growth while Bing was a non-mover.

According to comScore, the search engine market shares for September 2011 were as follows;

  • Google climbed to 65.3 percent (up from 64.8 percent in August)
  • Yahoo fell to 15.5 percent (down from 16.3 percent in August)
  • Bing remained at 14.7 percent

It’s a similar story over at Hitwise, who also reported growth from Google. However, according to Hitwise, all other search engines fell. Search engine market shares for September 2011 according to Hitwise were are as follows;

  • Google climbed to 66.12 percent (up from 65.09 percent in August)
  • Yahoo dropped from 15.89 percent in August to 15.27 percent in September
  • Bing dropped to 12.80 percent (down from 13.10 percent in August)

Looking again at comScore’s data, it’s unsurprising that Google lead the explicit core search market in September, with a 65.3 percent market share – up 0.5 percent on the 64.8 percent market share it had in August. This equates to 11,171 of the 17.1 billion explicit core searches conducted across all search engines in September.

Yahoo followed in second position with 15.5 percent and Microsoft Sites came in third with 14.7 percent;


comscore 2

How will Google perform in October? Stay tuned to find out.

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