UK SEO Agencies 101As the way websites are perceived by search engines and consumers evolve, so does the nature of SEO. Search marketing agencies must adapt to remain at the cutting edge of an industry that’s evolving so quickly.

This is what makes working in the industry so interesting – you constantly have to adapt your tactics and mindset in constantly shifting market conditions.

Many people that work in search feel that the industry is on the precipice of a big change. With many black / grey hat tactics now consigned to the annals of history, there is an increasing demand for an ethical, holistic and content-led approach to online marketing.

Here at Browser Media, we have been banging that drum for a very long time indeed…

If everything Google has said about its recent updates is even half true, then this could be pivotal for all involved in online marketing. Spammers may finally be forced to remove their black hat and get a job ruining another digital medium, and content may finally actually be king.

We love all things search related, which is why we decided to document one of our beloved industry’s most exciting points in time, in the form of a delightful infographic.

Desktop research was undertaken to look at 101 UK SEO agencies that were sourced from Econsultancy’s supplier directory. All the data is based on information taken directly from the agencies’ websites.

Our infographic summarises the current state of our industry, highlighting the services agencies offer, how they describe themselves, their content output and social media media use in an attempt to capture the current state of search at this exciting point for the industry.

There are some interesting revelations to be found;

  • Nearly 40% of agencies haven’t bothered to set up a Google+ account, despite pretty much every big name in the industry banging on about the potential of the platform?
  • You’ve probably been reading the phrase “inbound marketing” on nearly a daily basis, in recent times. However, we couldn’t find a single agency who brand themselves in this way
  • 20% haven’t even bothered to set up a blog!?
  • More than half of the agencies published less than 6 blog posts in December 2011
  • 40% of agencies tweeted fewer than 10 times in December 2011
  • 1 of the agencies doesn’t even offer search engine optimisation – something amiss with Econsultancy’s directory?

Please click on the thumbnail image above to view the infographic in all its glory.

What do you think? Leave a comment below if you have any questions about the data, or thought on how this information reflects on the search marketing industry.

  • admin

    A few people have asked which agencies were researched. As noted above, we took 101 agencies from Econsultancy’s SEO supplier directory (filtered to show just UK based SEO agencies). The agencies we looked at were (in no particular order):

    Media Contacts
    Steak Digital
    1st Page Prophets
    Crafted Media
    Dilligent Commerce
    indium online
    Graphic Alliance
    Why Communicate
    Market Appeal SEO
    tictoc Family Ltd
    Zen Web Solutions
    Broadplace Advertising Limited
    Logan Tod
    QueryClick Search Engine Marketing
    Store Machine
    MMK Media
    Obsessive Web Limited
    Kameleon Digital
    ABSEM Limited
    Ayima Ltd
    Pod1 Ltd
    I-COM International Ltd
    ISM – Search & Social
    MAD Productions (Sales) Ltd
    Blowfish Digital
    Wendy Chamier eConsulting
    Praeparo Ltd
    MediaCo (uk) Ltd
    Acxiom Ltd
    Make It Rain
    Barracuda Digital
    Fresh Egg
    VCCP Search
    McCormack & Morrison
    Search Laboratory
    Sticky eyes
    Epiphany Solutions Ltd
    Just Search Ltd
    ClickThrough Marketing
    Guava UK
    SEOptimise Ltd
    Bigmouth Media
    Propellor Net
    I Spy
    Strategy Internet Marketing
    Vertical Leap
    Jelly Fish
    COntent & Motion
    Go Optimisation
    Unique Digital
    Alienation Digital
    Creative SEO UK
    Zoocha Limited
    Liberty Marketing Ltd
    Peak Demand Ltd.
    Indus Net Technologies
    SEOgadget LTD
    Ben Norman
    Red Ant
    Latitude Digital Marketing
    Upstream Connections
    Mediarun Search Limited
    Verve Search Ltd
    DBD Media
    White Hat Media
    Equi Media Ltd
    Direct Traffic Media
    Mediaworks Online Marketing
    Pierce Communications
    Igentics Ltd
    SEO Positive Limited

    We don’t feel that it is appropriate to publish the ‘scores’ for each agency as it is not intended as a naming and shaming exercise and we can all be guilty of not always practicing what we preach!

    We have had a good response to the research and plan to do it again in the future to chart the progress of our wonderful industry.

  • Mike

    Hey guys, really interesting material and great infographic. May I ask what criteria the 100 agencies were selected by? I only ask because we would consider ourselves on par or competitive with this list and wondered for our own marketing department whether there was some PR opps we were missing out on. Many thanks, Mike

    • admin

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your comment – please don’t be offended that you weren’t on the list! We simply used the Econsultancy supplier directory and chose a random 101 agencies. There was no science behind the selection (although we had filtered the list to suppliers to only include UK based agencies).

      It really is intended to be a reasonably ‘faceless’ exercise and one that looks at the industry as a whole rather than focusing on individual agencies and not being in the list above is no relection of perceived quality, nor a sign that your own marketing is failing.

  • Andrew Girdwood

    I'm pretty pleased about the Inbound Marketing result. I like the notion – it's a marketing wonder. However, let's not forget it's a phrase coined by HubSpot as part of that agency's own marketing campaign.

  • Steve Harmssion

    Thanks for sharing information about SEO and the related agencies of SEO.Its pretty good sharing for reading to better understand about the agencies of SEO and their functions.Keep sharing further detailed information.

  • Paul Naybour

    Shocking, how can they sell this Ito others when the don’t even do it for their own business, clearly they don’t think it is really worth the investment of time.