Last week I had a natter with the chaps at ReachForce to discuss digital marketing best practices, SEO’s murky past, the current state of social media, and how the industry looks to evolve in the next few years.

We talked about how MarTech will eliminate guesswork, and that in the future digital marketers won’t have to take as much of a stab in the dark when trying to deliver the message that will most appeal to a customer – big data and AI will take care of that for them. This will leave marketers with more time and resources to focus on creative campaigns that nurture customer relationships on a micro-scale.

Of course, you can’t discuss digital marketing without mentioning social media. Brands failing to leverage social channels by trying to spread themselves too thinly, is a real bugbear of mine. The result is them not doing a good job of engaging with their audience on any platform, and so all effort is a waste.

Social media platforms’ ever-changing features can be almost overwhelming for marketers, and as such, it is difficult to know where to invest time and resources. It’s become common for well-known social media platforms to mimic popular features of newer, up-and-coming platforms, eventually making the original innovator obsolete, as users will simply utilise these similar features on the more established platform.

On top of the here and now, and the what’s to come, I also talked with ReachForce about the past, and whether old-school tactics, like high volume, low-quality link building have had their day. You can read my rant about spam tactics still working here, if you so wish.

If you’d like to find out what else we had to talk about, check out the full interview here.