Our regular readers will hopefully know about our new ‘The Digital Brew‘ series of videos.

I have been meaning to upload a transcript of the chats to our blog since I edited the first episode (we do know a little about SEO after all…). Short on time, I thought that I would have a look at the automated transcript feature of YouTube to see how much editing would be required, as the ability to purchase professional transcriptions has been removed in June 2017 :-(

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting too much as I have seen automated translation / transcription go horribly wrong in the past, but the exercise actually proved to be pretty funny and I wanted to share some of the more notable errors in the first minute of the latest episode: 

1] Straight off the bat, YouTube has kindly renamed ‘The Digital Brew‘ to a far more aggressive name:


2] My introduction to Matt stating that “you and I have obviously known each other for a few years” was changed to the startling news that I have more children than I thought:



3] Not only do I have several teenage children that I didn’t know about, Matt’s statement about being “CEO and technical co-founder of Ably” takes on a much more biological tone:



4] Matt’s prior role (“co-founder and CTO of Econsultancy, which we did a trade sale back in 2012“) is also fairly wide of the mark, although I am pretty sure that Econsultancy did indeed not trade any soil during 2012:



5] Lastly, it is good to see that YouTube is keen to keep the ‘brew’ element of our videos alive and kicking as my comment about “…hype about stuff and to be brutally frank, I don’t understand real time…” is transcribed to me making a cup of tea for my mother:



I know that I can mumble at times, but Matt is very clear and I hope you will agree that there is some room for improvement in the automated transcriptions.

I can feel an urge to turn the subtitles on for all YouTube videos in the future to find some more gems…



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