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Social Media Strategy

By adopting an effective social media strategy, any brand has the potential to grow their audience and gain ground against their competition.

Five internet trends of 2016

Mary Meeker has released her internet trends report of 2016; expect big changes in search, nods toward a mobile-first marketplace, and the rise in ad-blocking leading to better ad-making.

My Five #186

This week’s emojinal My Five says goodbye to Harambe the gorilla, and has a giggle at Waitrose. There’s talk about money laundry-ing and then Chewbacca goes to school.

What are Featured Snippets?

What are featured snippets and how can brands ensure they will benefit from them? A roundup of Rob Bucci’s BrightonSEO talk reveals all

My Five #181

Cute dogs, stereotypes, more cute dogs, a flying pink unicorn, and a juddering climax to roundup this week’s My Five.

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A chat about bots

The rise and return of the bot. Get ready to see branded chatbots, the interactive software that helps users get things done.

My Five #176

Twitching, Tweeting and April Fools all feature in this week’s My Five. Plus: Find out which meme FunnyStatus has dubbed master of memes.

Voice search and SEO - siri - browser media

Finding your voice in SEO

What is Voice Search, who is using it, and how is it set to impact SEO? Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Text-to-Speech (TTS) is changing search.


My Five #167

Lessons learnt in this week’s My Five: Friendship is magic and so is licensing; Trolls prefer GIFs over cola; dating is bullsh*t but also hilarious.